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Tax Services

Every taxpayer has the responsibility to ensure that all applicable tax returns are submitted timeously to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and paid where necessary. Continually changing tax legislation places a huge administrative burden upon a taxpayer which can only adequately be taken care of by professional tax practitioners who deal with SARS regularly. The following are among some of the more common taxes we deal with regularly:

• Tax on income- Basic salary, commission income, independent contractors

• Provisional tax

• Capital gains tax (CGT)

• Dividends tax.

• Donations tax and estate duty

We aim to deliver professional taxation services at the lowest cost to you. We use advanced tax software which means that you never have to face mistakes or delays on your tax returns again. We have an in-depth knowledge of the aforementioned taxes and regulate client’s tax affairs in such a way that a tax liability is minimised. Included in our range of taxation services are:

• Tax consulting, planning and advice.

• Registrations and de-registration of taxes.

• Calculation of tax liabilities.

• Completion and submission of tax returns.

• Tax directives.

• Tax clearance certificates..

• Salary structuring.

Tax Returns



Once off

A basic tax return for those with a basic salary only: NO medical aid, retirement, allowances or other income.



Once off

A simple tax return for salary and/or medical aid, retirement, investments, capital gains and or donations.



Once off

An advanced tax return for sole proprietor, rental/foreign income earners.



Once off

An advanced tax return for sole proprietor, rental and or foreign income earners.

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